Mini Field Season Go!

Today has been an exciting and eventful day. It started extraordinarily early at 3 am! When I left with my advisor and co-student to get on a plane headed for the first mini-field season in Belize. It’s going to be a super exciting trip to feel out potential projects and gather some data as a continuation of my advisor’s Ph.D. research. The general idea will be to look at the effects of lionfish on the native fish populations and look at the connectedness of those species.

The excitement started when we got to the airport 2 hours before the flight and an hour or so before it opened. Then the TSA decided that the 1 gallon of 70% ethanol we were bringing on the plane to preserve samples might be an issue. Confusion ensued leading to 3 supervisors being called who in the end agreed that the TSA is ok with it but the airline might have a problem. So then they called the hazardous substances representative from the airline who decided that it wasn’t ok despite the airline having the same rules as the TSA on their website (1.3 gallons of 70% ethanol so Bacardi 151 isn’t ok).

At this point our plane had started boarding and long story short we managed to turn arriving 2 hours early into sprinting to get on the plane! But we made it so everything is good.

Tomorrow we’ll be buying supplies and designing a mechanism for storing captured lionfish mid-dive to avoid stings (fingers crossed!) and then the next day its off to Turneffe Atoll. Its unlikely that I’ll make many/any posts while I’m here but stay tuned for pictures and more posts when I get back. Calabash Cay here I come!

Here’s a picture of the atoll from the internet for you in the meantime.

Turneffe Atoll


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